All eyes on me!

She's finally back! Britney Spears torna sulle scene musicali con un singolo apripista che anticipa l'uscita del nuovo album che vedrà luce questo 3 dicembre! Il singolo work bitch in 24 ore è arrivato primo su ben 46 stati, Italia inclusa! Diamo cosi' vita all'ottava era. Britney ieri ha confermato la sua permanenza di 2 anni a Las Vegas per degli show mozzafiato, alcuni gia sold out! Che la nuova era abbia inizio!

lunedì 2 dicembre 2013

Happy birthday Britney

Dear Britney

There was a time I was one of kind feeling lonely like an alien. You know honey the love in your voice let's me know I'm not alone. I put my hands high with my fingers in the sky and while I wait I got visions on me and you.... Time is amazing listen u... Time's running out and your music make me tick tick... Boom!

Whe I'm listenin' your music I wanna dance till my body ache and I'm blind from the tears that fall like rain but I'm happy because I know that I'm in good hands 'cause when I'm with u I'm chillin'. You know we both care I respect u like an artist and u too like a fan. Life can be hard but you're my brightest morning star and you come to me in my dreams evry night.

Queen u don't know how u saved my life.

Happy birthday and thanks 4 everything!

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